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xx August News
August 20, 2014, 06:42:53 PM by GLuigi
August News Post

Darasu Chatroom

If you followed the posts on our July news post  you probably noticed that we switched chatrooms. Before we had our own chatroom site, but we thought it would be cheaper to redirect users to a third party site. So we partnered up with Darasu (made by Plato to bring you that Durarara Chat experience.

DW Logo Image Contest
Speaking of Darasu, we need a new logo image to use as our affiliation link on Darasu. And so I felt it would be fun to make a contest with this.

Follow This link below to check out the rules and more details.

Prizes include:

1st Place: Image featured on the Darasu site, 10,000 credits, and a choice of one of the following ( 3 steam games from a chosen list, a choice of blue squares/yellow scarves/Saika's Children token, or an extra 5,000 credits)
2nd Place: 5,000 credits, and a choice of one of the following (2 steam games from a chosen list, a blue/yellow/Saika token, or an extra 1,000 credits)
3rd Place: 1,000 credits, and a choice of one of the following ( 1 steam games from a chosen list, a blue/yellow/Saika token, or an extra 500 credits)
Participation prize: 500 credits

Dollar's Image Blog Recruitment

The Dollars's Image Blog is looking for new memebers who are willing to take pictures on a weekly/semi-weekly basis. For those who don't know, the Dollars Image Blog is a blog where various members take pictures of their daily lives to show how diverse our community is.

If you are interested be sure to check out the thread here: http://dollars-worldwide.com/forum/index.php?topic=3051.0
No photography experience needed!

That's it for now folks! For those who of you who are starting the new school year, good luck!

Until next time!
visitors can't see pics , please register or login
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xx July News
July 11, 2014, 05:25:00 PM by Sythe
Welcome one, welcome all! Sythe here with the July News! I know all of you are asking why we didn't have a news post for the last few months. Well, to be fully honest, we didn't have jack squat to talk about! Anyway, down to the real shiz biz.

> The Crash of the DG Magazine
Yes, unfortunately it seems the newspaper has hit a halt for an unprecedented amount of time. While all the articles are in and things are ready to go, we never had the actual thing set up, ending with it never releasing. It is said that our chief, Eien, may have been kidnapped by a band of rabid baboons during school hours. More to come when we are updated.

> Stock Market Results and Rewards!
That's right, the contest is all over now. Now for the money makers!
Tanaka takes 1st place, winning 100,000 credits!
2nd is Zxcvnbm with 50,000 credits.
3rd place goes to Darthtalon, who wins 25,000 credits!.
The others who participated will receive 10,000 credits in the near future.
Thank you for all who participated.

>  We need YOUR help!
Despite our efforts, contest ideas have been low.  We all like to have fun, so we would love to hear your ideas for contests.  We encourage you to tell us what you have for a contest and we will do our best to make it happen!

> Update on the Membership Group Rules
There has been an edit to the rules for custom groups. Here's what's been updated:
(d) If the group fails to extend the membergroup duration, it will be disbanded and it will cost 200k Credits (or two Creation tokens, or one Creation token + 100k) to re-make it.

> The Chat Room
Come on guys! The chat is there, so why not use it? Activity on it is very low, so why not open public group to allow members old and new to mingle? Let's do it to make a more open community, right? Let's do this, click here to go to the chat!

> The Staff Choice Awards
There is a new idea that the team and I wanted to try: a yearly award voting from your very own staff! We want to know how you guys would feel about the idea of this, so feel free to leave comments about it below, or if you have any ideas for this, post it in the thread I have made for this very event.

That is all for July, have a nice month folks!
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xx May News
May 02, 2014, 02:18:55 PM by GLuigi
Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of news post last month. Things got delayed,  but we are going to start off May with some new things to look out in the forums!

1. Dollars-Worldwide's Stock Market Contest

Enjoy the thrills and drama of the stock exchange without having to risk your hard earned real life money with this contest made by Tanaka! Big prizes, Big risk, and a whole lot of fun! The more people we have the better this contest works out.

Prizes for this contest:
1st Place:A choice of: 1 Month Token (For custom groups), or regular group token (Blue Squares, etc.) or 100k Credits
2nd Place: 50k Credits
3rd Place: 25k Credits
Participation prize for those who play the game seriously: 10k Credits

Click on this link to find out how to register or ask any question you might have. Registration ends on May 30th

2. Dollars-Worldwide Image Blog

This is a neat project that Kohakushadow and Pon has set up that gathers photos taken by various members and puts them in a blog that acts like a cool photo album. With our members living in different parts of the world and coming from all walks of life, you can see a great variety of photos. Interested in contributing? Make sure you make your way to the main thread for the Photo blog, because the deadline for sign ups are on May 7th!

Click here to check out the image blog!
Click here to learn more about the project and learn more about contributing to the blog

3. Dollars Chat BETA!

Can I get a drumroll, please?
Im happy to announce that the Dollars Chat is now available for beta testing! We are very interested to know the limitations and how many people the chat can handle without any lagging. Through out the beta testing we will be testing out different versions of the chat and see how they perform.

Here is the URL for the chat: http://www.dollars-worldwide.net/index.php

4. Seiko's Apology as a Teaneck Student

Hello, Dollars. It's me, your Council member, Seiko. I'm usually around here to give silly antics and vote for things in Council, and nothing super serious. Today, I'm here to discuss an issue that's been on the news since about 3 AM this morning; Teaneck High School's senior prank, which involved 60+ students at my school- yes, this is my school -being arrested for breaking and entering, trespassing, burglary, criminal mischief, and vandalism. I go to this school. I came to school, and found out that many of my friends had been arrested. The Senior class president had a full scholarship t...

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